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Lets  face it, ‘safety’ in the work place, at home and recreationally is of utmost importance. Life is too short for complacency.


 POLY-CHOCKS and ‘Safety’

Our POLY-CHOCKS are coloured YELLOW for Visibility and Safety.

The material is polyurethane, which is UV stable, impervious to fuel and oil, flexible and lightweight.

POLY-CHOCKS are extremely resilient therefore; can be

dropped, thrown around, run over and  also  left  out  in  the weather and still retain their shape, strength and colour. No corrosion, distortion nor damage.

Our POLY-CHOCKS come in  a  variety  of  sizes  to  suit  all applications.

Your application may well be unique!

Tell us about it so we can assess your requirements and make recommendations.



Heavy Duty - earthmoving and heavy equipment.  (Wt 14kg)

Medium Duty - light transport, agricultural,etc. (Wt 4kg)

 Light Duty -  4 wheel drive, cars, caravans, boats. (Wt 2kg)

Light Aircraft - most light aircraft up to 5700kg. (Wt 600g)