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Welcome to Polyrubber!

  Thank you for visiting our site, we have recently updated it with a new look and new information.Our presence in polyurethane manufacturing for over a quarter of a century means that we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of mining, transport, machining, rubber, and general industries.

  Please feel free to browse the different products and services that we provide.



Our mining themed products include:
Coatings and linings: abrasion and impact resistant;
Pipe linings: Bends, ‘T’s, ‘Y’s, reducers and spools;
Launders and hoppers; Conveyor systems: belt scrapers, skirts, pulleys, rollers, wedges and;
Pump parts: diffusers, oil housings, suction covers, discs, volutes, frame plates, and impellers.



Trucks and Transport

  We manufacture and refurbish many truck and vehicle components. These include:
Engine, gearbox and cab mounts;
Torsion rod and ‘V’ stay end repairs;
Trunnion blocks and bushes;
Body pads, spring pads and buffers; Freighter parts
Bushes: sway-bar, cone, rocker box, turntable, spring cushion, shackle, and shock absorption.



  We can supply and machine all industrial and commercial rubber and plastics, in the form of rods, sheets and tubes etc.


 Rubber products

  The rubber products that we offer are extrusions, mouldings, linings, seals and custom machined items.


 General Industry and Custom Products

  We custom mould and machine products to your specifications. These products include, but are not limited to: billets, blanks, blocks, grates, mudflaps, sheets, slides, strips, and any other custom made items.
We also re-lag, refurbish, and skim all types of wheels, rollers and pulleys, for forklifts, conveyors, and trommels.

  At Polyrubber, we can replace most plastics, rubber, and even metal parts and components in most industries, so the next time you need to survey the earth, get a truck on the road, or improve a machine, consider the quality products manufactured at Polyrubber, a wholly Western Australian owned and run family company.